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    Wednesday, 16 May 2018

    Hashmi gives vent to 'anti-establishment rage'

    MULTAN-Central leader of PML-N Makhdoom Javed Hashmi Tuesday alleged that "armed powers" have barred Nawaz Sharif's government from completing its five year, arguing that if Nawaz Sharif has to be tried for his statement on Mumbai attacks then Musharraf should be booked before him.
    "Parvez Musharraf, Gen Durrani and Rehman Malik have asked same question before Nawaz Sharif. A national commission should be constituted as demanded by Nawaz Sharif," he demanded while addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club on Tuesday. Hashmi lashed out at generals and said that Pakistan lost five wars to India due to poor strategy of adventuresome generals but it was civilian leadership that gave the nation courage to raise its head. He said that all military and other institutions would have to bow down before the parliament and masses. He said that the establishment always manipulated to create hatred and erect walls between the masses and politicians. He claimed that no one would be found "sadiq o amen" if the assets of judges and generals were checked. He warned that no one could prevent the country from heading towards a big destruction if the prevailing situation continued.
    He claimed that all institutions including media were under control of armed institutions and country's situation was very poor. He added that the adventuresome generals did not let political leadership grow in the country. He said that 80 per cent generals wrote in their books that all the five wars were launched by Pakistan and Pakistan lost them all too.
    He said that the conspiracies were hatched to demolish Nawaz Sharif's government since the day first. He added that Imran Khan was being defamed for sit-ins but in fact he got trapped and used by them due to his desire to become Prime Minister. "But they'll not make him (Imran Khan) Prime Minister. Instead the country will get trapped in more grave crisis," he warned.
    He claimed that he committed a suicide attack and protected democracy by unearthing the conspiracy of five generals. "Why didn't Supreme Court summoned me and those five generals?" he posed a question. He said that the making and demolishing of civilian governments started from Ayub's regime and this practice was still underway. He claimed that dozens of conspiracies were underway against Nawaz Sharif simultaneously.
    He lashed out at NAB and said that it was a third class institution while NAB court had become a washing machine in which politicians were washed. He pointed out that the person who was declared Indian agent by military leadership and who claimed to return to Pakistan on Indian atanks was sitting with Imran Khan today.
    He said that it was Pakistan that created army and all other institutions. "Army is not our mother or father. Instead Pakistan and parliament are our father and mother," he asserted. He said that institutions had no right to victimize Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nawaz Sharif had asked the same question from institutions in the parliament but he did not get any answer. He said that he was insider of army, PML-N, PTI, JI, Tehrik-e-Istaqlal and other institutions and he was warning all that the country was being pushed to destruction.
    He said that he also asked the same question already asked by Nawaz Sharif. "Hang me and Nawaz Sharif. But what about Musharraf and Gen. Durrani who said the same thing too?" he raised questions. He declared that he would stand with Nawaz Sharif through thick and thin despite threats. He said that the institutions always demolished civilian governments and attacked leaders. "But when they lose wars they ask Bhutto to return from Italy, when under pressure call Benazir Bhutto and if it is Kargil push Nawaz Sharif forward," he maintained. He said that Churchill had rightly said that wars could not be left on the decisions of generals as these were won by the nations. He said that these people considered Prime Minister their personal servant and make and break governments according to their own will. "But now the time has come that if they offer Prime Ministership in a plate to someone, no one will get ready to accept it except for Imran Khan who might get ready for becoming Prime Minister," he claimed.
    He said that the reality of all issues like demolition of Balochistan Government and bringing new Chief Minister as well as bringing their own person as senate chairman had got unveiled but media was brought under strict control. "The biggest proof of this fact is that the speech of a sitting Prime Minister was not allowed to be telecast on PTV," he maintained. He demanded parliament and other institutions to create a national commission and decide Charter of Pakistan.
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