Political forces should sign Charter of Economy(CoE)shed their differences- Kh.Jalaluddin Roomi

MULTAN, August Ist: All political forces must sign a one-point agenda of charter of economy for political as well as economic stability after shedding their differences. It was stated by renowned Industrialist, former Punjab caretaker Minister for Industry, Ex-President of Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan Chambers of Commerce & Industry Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi while talking to senior journalists here today. He said that Political stability was necessary for economic improvements in the country. To strengthen the country's economy, all political parties would  have to follow a one-point agenda, that is the agenda of prosperity, stability,integrity and trouble free atmosphere.  

He said that Pakistan has been established for 75 years and we have not yet been able to control the the economic shocks and fluctuation.Today there is a dire need for the business community to do work in Sun-light and open their markets early in the morning and close soon after sun-set to save the energy, cost of doing business to improve the economy of Pakistan. Similarly, to save fuel , a family should ensure the use of one vehicle instead of using  vehicles separately. Likewise, all siblings should use the same vehicle to go to educational institutions. This behavior will save fuel ,energy and money. On the other hand, the currency exchange rate situation will also improve because our import bill would  be considerably go to the lowest ebb..

Khawaja Muhammad Jalaluddin Roomi said on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee Independence Day, take a pledge that we will show our love for the home land by promoting the country's products and discouraging the imported goods. This is the real message of independence. He said that Corona pandemic is spreading once again. From this, we have to provide work from home for two days with precautionary measures to stay safe besides . saving energy.

He further said while reviewing  the country's economy, we would have to put personal differences aside and come together in the name of Pakistan. Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf( PTI), Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and other parties should have to come on one page or one platform with  a solid plan of action to take the country out of the challenges confronting it and resolving the problems faced by majority of the country like poverty, hunger, joblessness, injustice and deprivation . He said that there is no truth in the claims of Government that economy was flurishing in Pakistan  But the reality is other way round. The textile sector is losing billions of rupees due to the increase in energy ( Gas & electricity) prices. At this time, it is necessary to provide electricity to the textile industry at the same rate as available in the neighboring countries  So that we can compete with the neighboring countries for the products of the textile industry through minimum rates. The government should announce and implement practically special incentives to promote agricultural and business activities. .

Khawaja Muhammad Jalaluddin Roomi said that the economic crisis is getting worse due to the country's politics. Although on the one hand, there are happy reports about the settlement of matters with the IMF, but the formal agreement has not been signed. And Pakistan is still waiting for the first one.

Former caretaker minister urged upon the Political stalwarts to shed their differences to strengthen Pakistan's economy so that all sections of society could get relief.

On this occasion, Khawaja Muhammad Jalaluddin Roomi paid tribute to the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and said that he has requested the United States of America to remove bottlenecks in the way of extended programme of IMF and asked for the early provision of loans to help stabilize the declining economy of Pakistan. This initiative will definitely improve the economy in the future. The Army Chief has previously contacted the Gulf and Islamic Brotherhood countries. That he was a member of the National Economic Council in the previous government. This is the reason. that efforts are being made to run the country's economy in a better way.

Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi further said that at this time we all have to take measures to get Pakistan out of the economic crisis. That Pakistan's survival is the survival of all of us.

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