Egyptian customs thwart drug smuggling attempt

Egyptian customs thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs into the country after an English passenger drew the attention of officials at Hurghada International Airport.

His baggage was scanned and 36 grams of marijuana and two vapes containing marijuana oil were found. The items were hidden between the folds of clothes.

The passenger was referred to the public prosecution.

Separately, officers at Luxor International Airport foiled an attempt to smuggle out of the country an amount of Egyptian and foreign cash, in violation of a number of regulations.

An Egyptian passenger traveling on a Jazeera Airways flight to Kuwait was found carrying a dark object in his hand baggage. A total of 184,400 Egyptian pounds, 1,615 Kuwaiti dinars, and 480 Saudi riyals were found hidden in the folds of his clothes.

Customs officers at Cairo International Airport last week foiled attempts to smuggle narcotic pills and underwater hunting rifles into the country.

An Egyptian passenger arriving from Poland was found hiding a large quantity of drugs in his baggage.

Another Egyptian traveler arriving from the US was found hiding seven underwater hunting rifles in his baggage.

Both men were referred to the public prosecution.

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