Germany wants to see Pakistan as a strong economy- Alfred Grannas

Being an ancient city of the subcontinent, Multan has a very old history and culture. The architecture of the shrines here adds to the beauty of this city. I was very impressed by hearing the tales of these shrines and the spiritual saints and Sufis buried in them. These views were expressed by Germany's ambassador to Pakistan,Alfred Grannas , in a meeting with the country's renowned industrialist and former president of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi. The ambassador said that Germany and Pakistan had been enjoying warm and cordial trade and diplomatic ties for over seven decades.

Mr. Alfred Grannas said despite healthy relations there was enough room to further promote the bilateral trade ties

Mr. Alfred Grannas said that Germany was planning to open an ‘official chamber of commerce and industry’ in Pakistan which would be of great help in bringing close the business communities of both the countries and while bridging the gaps would certainly play a vital part in the enhancement of bilateral trade.

He assured the local business community that he would try his best to minimize the various issues related to the issuance of visa to the local businessmen, He further said that Germany has invested in Pakistan after a decade. Started work, which includes the opening of Metro Store in Masood Metro Mall, Multan, which improved the relations between the two countries. That Germany still appreciates the decision to invest in Multan.Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that Germany has always supported the recovery of Pakistan's economy. The effects of which could be seen in the country's economy. Just like the Germans are investing in Pakistan, it is hoped that other European countries will also trust upon Pakistan. So that foreign investors can play their role in the economic recovery of Pakistan. He said that in the past, Germany had played an important role in bringing GSP Plus status to Pakistan. Now the period of GSP needs to renew in 2023. I will request the European Union to extend it again. I do hope that Germany would surely help Pakistan in  the extension of GSP plus status   . So that the business entities could keep continue their business with European union .Germany's ambassador to Pakistan, Alfred Grannas, said in the meeting that the purpose of Multan's visit is to attract local investors. Similarly, German investors are also being informed about new projects in Pakistan. So that Germany can benefit from the effects of CPEC along with the whole world.

Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that in the 21st century, besides political relations,the significance of  economic relations cannot be avoided. We are making investor-friendly policies. We are also active on economic diplomacy to promote foreign investment in the country, to find new business opportunities. South Punjab of Pakistan has great talent, industries are starting. . Multan will be the hub  of commercial business in the coming days. From which all countries should benefit.He said that most of the population in our country is youth. Whenever the new government comes to power, it will be a problem to give government jobs and pay them salaries. That is why we are paying attention to the private sector, so that employment opportunities are created and decent employment can be provided to the people.

 The Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany, Anfred Gurnas, said during his visit to Masood Fabrics Limited that the quality of Masood Fabrics is in accordance with the international requirements. He appreciated the services of Jalaluddin Roomi foundation and said that it was providing clean water in far flung areas of the country besides spending on health ,education related projects 

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