FPCCI presents award to Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi for philanthropic work

A Notable Achievement Award for renowned philanthropist, former Punjab caretaker Minister for Industry, Ex-President of Multan , Dera Ghazi Khan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi is presented by Chairman Senate Sardar Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani at a colourful recemony of the 10th FPCCI; Federation’s biggest achievement award on his outstanding performance in philanthropy services.

On this occasion the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) announces Federation’s biggest achievement ‘Special Performance Award’ for South Punjab's renowned industrialist who rendered unforgettable services  to the masses in the field of education, clean water, food, medical facilities. He played a significant role during COVID-19 by providing protective kits to Doctors and Para medical staff.FPCCI acknowledged the efforts of Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi not only as a successful businessman but as a philanthropist with empathy for destitute.

In recognition of his charitable work, the FPCCI also gave him the honorary title ‘Son of South Punjab’, Pakistan. He has worked tirelessly and with great pride to support humanitarian causes in South Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh .Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that it is his responsibility to uplift the  under privileged and provide them with basic amenities. With this sense of responsibility, Roomi foundation started some projects for the welfare and well-being of the society.

Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani said that the president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) should be given the status of a federal minister. He added that the Trade Act 2022 will be amended to reflect the representation and bestow the position of minister of state on the FPCCI president.

The announcement was made during the senator’s address at FPCCI’s 10th Achievement Awards taking place at the governor house in Lahore. Sanjrani urged the business community to strengthen its relations with academic circles and play their role in enhancing Pakistan’s exports. He further urged the community to utilise modern technology to compete globally. He also urged the investors and industrialists to establish their industrial units in Balochistan where vastland was available.

“A committee will be formed in the senate to bring the private sector forward for the energy sector, which will include representatives of the FPCCI,” he said. Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman, terming the business community the backbone of the country, announced that the government had made it its priority to solve the problems of the traders. He also appreciated the role played by the FPPCI leadership and businessmen in aiding flood victims.

FPCCI President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said, “It is important to acknowledge the performance of those companies and organisations that played a significant role in keeping the economy going, were generating employment and paying their taxes as well.”

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