ISIS in Afghanistan being supported by India’s RAW

The ISPR DG while talking about social issues said that fake propaganda was made through EU Chronicle with regard to the issue of minorities...

The ISPR DG while talking about social issues said that fake propaganda was made through EU Chronicle with regard to the issue of minorities and women and then anti-Pakistan resolution was moved in EU parliament on the basis of this propaganda. “In all these areas… an anti-Pakistan agenda was promoted,” he said and added, “We have no doubts that all this was being done with the backing of state of India.”  

Major General Babar Iftikhar said that they were investigating every facet of this lab. He argued that the report has been prepared by a third party and an international organisation and “world is talking about that, let me assure you.” “India can deny this to any extent but it is not possible (for it to deny),” he said and added, “Truth always prevails and it has prevailed.”

Talking about the allegations of opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and other political groups against army, DG ISPR said that Army was doing its working and also making sacrifices. He said that those allegations were never responded that used to devoid of facts or carried no weight.

“The Army neither does want to get involved in these things nor will get involved,” he said and added, “We have stayed the course, we will stay the course.” He also said that the army and the martyrs’ families have good morale. 

At the same time, he said that Army has reservations about these allegations but Army was doing its work despite this. He said that Army was a sister organisation of the government and it was the duty of the incumbent government to respond to such allegations and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has responded these in a good manner and was trying to tackle it. “Neither Army needs to come into political matters nor any effort be made to drag it in political matters.”

Talking about the PDM’s allegation about rigging in last general election, he said then government had ordered Army to conduct elections and it did this with full responsibility and honesty. If anyone has doubts about the election, the institutions concerned should be approached, he told the media persons.

Responding a question, he made it clear that Army has no backdoor contacts with any political party and reiterated, “We want to stay out of it and we are out of it.”  

About PDM president Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s threat that the Opposition could turn the direction of its anti-government protest march towards General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, the DG ISPR said that leader of PDM would be offered tea and snacks and looked after if they did so.

“I don’t see a reason for [them] coming to Pindi. And if at all they want to come, we will offer them refreshments (Chai Pani) and look after them. What more can I say?” he said.

“Last decade was very challenging for Pakistan in every aspect. If we talk about 2020, despite security challenges, we faced locust and pandemic like Covid-19 that threatened Pakistan’s economy and food security. “He said that the terrorists were now on the run in the country. “Let me assure you that there is no organised terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan anymore and whoever is left is on the run and by the grace of Allah, we will take them out.”  

Regarding the presence of militant organisation IS or Daesh in Pakistan, he said that external hands were making efforts to form a wing of Daesh in Pakistan but its presence is not much there. He explained that there were splinters groups of different militant organisations which keep on using its names to “gather some credibility.”

“IS will not be able to establish any kind of permanent footprint over here.” He however told reporters that ISIS has footprints in Afghanistan and it was being supported by India’s RAW, according to the available present evidence.

During last decade; India, on one hand, continued ceasefire violations on eastern border and Line of Control (LoC), Major General Iftikhar said. He further said that Pakistan was facing instability due to banned terrorist organisations, on western border, during the same period. “Despite all these challenges, the state, all state institutions, Pakistan’s Armed Forces, intelligence agencies and most import people of Pakistan faced all these difficulties with unity and as a nation, we are successful by the Grace of Allah.”

Be it the nefarious designs of India or application of hybrid warfare against Pakistan, or threats either internal or external, we have always pointed out them through evidence and facts and faced them, he said. “The world is now accepting this because truth always prevails.”

Talking about the steps taken in the security domain, he said that achievements of the last decade have been consolidated through “whole of nation approach” as a result of “Operation Raddul-Fasad. “As a result of this operation, the support base of terrorists, their facilitators, abettors, financiers and illegal arms and ammunitions have been eliminated to a large extent.” he said. He further said that more than 371,000 intelligence-based operations were conducted during last three years under this operation, more than 72,000 weapons and five million ammunition, 450 tones of ordnance had been recovered.

He said that there was only 37 percent writ of the state in 2007-08 in the tribal districts while today, all these tribal areas were part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). “There is 45 percent decrease in major terrorist incidents in 2020 as compared with 2019”.  

While terrorist incidents there were on average 90 per year once have now been reduced to 13 per year, he said and added that the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) averted more than 50 percent terrorist threats during last year.

If we analyse the causalities in terrorist incidents during last two decades, it was 414 in 2013 but it remained 98 in 2020 which is a significant decrease, the DG said. “In suicide attacks, there is 97 percent significant decrease,” he said. He further said Karachi was sixth position in the world in the index of crime, which has now decreased to 103rd position in 2020. In the metropolitan city, “there is 95 decrease in terrorism, 98 percent in target killings and ransom for abduction, and 99 percent in extortion cases.”

On western border, overall law and order situation has been improved as a result of installation of borer terminals, scanners, biometric system, border posts and fencing there, he said. He said that out of 2611 km Pak-Afghan border, more than 83 percent work has been complete d and the entire would be completed in the mid of 2021. On Pak-Iran border, 37 percent work of fencing has been completed and the remaining would be completed in a year. He said that 482 posts have been established out of planned 1068 posts along the border. “There is an increase of 33 percent on the movement through border terminals due to fencing and border control measures and there is an increase of Rs 48 billion in revenue during last six months due to anti-smuggling operations and movement through notified crossings.” He further said that there was 55 percent decrease in terrorism incidents in border areas besides a decrease of 16 percent in IED attacks in border districts.

On eastern border, there is increase of cease fire violations by India and it has targeted local population including children, women and old people, he said. Giving figures, he said that India made 3097 ceasefire violations during 2020 and 28 people were martyred and 257 were injured. India increased these violations between 2014 and 2020 and it remained maximum during 2019 while civilian casualties remained maximum during 2018 that were 377. Pakistan has responded fully to these India’s violations and inflicted heavy losses to India both in kind and lives, he said.

After significant failure in kinetic threat, India has relied on non-kinetic threat which is fifth generation warfare, he said. He said that Pakistan presented proofs of involvement of India’s terrorism in Pakistan to the word through a dossier.  

The DG ISPR said that Pakistan during last 20 years has fought a successful war against terrorism and proved it was a responsible state. In kinetic domain, every terrorist organization was curbed through more than 1200 operations, and more than 18,000 terrorists were killed. As part of its efforts to bring peace internationally, more than 1100 terrorists of Al-Qaeda were either arrested or killed, intelligence was shared with more than 70 countries and Pakistan sacrificed people of more than 83,000 people and also suffered 126 billion $ economic loss.

On the other side, India during the last two decades increased cease fire violations on eastern border, imposed a lockdown Occupied Kashmir, and committed worst human rights violations during last one and a half year there, and make a failed attempt of against Pakistan in February 2019. All proofs of these incidents have been presented before world by the international organizations. The report of EU DisinfoLab has unveiled money laundering, and terror financing and human rights violations by India and all this fake network was being run by Delhi-based group with fake thinks tanks, NGOs and fake media outlets was during last 15 years. “The purpose was to damage the image of Pakistan through this fake content and this motivated content was published through EU Chronicle and other fake media,” he said. For legitimacy, it was made viral on fake media through India’s new agency—ANI—and it was carried as a true story on mainstream and social media, he also said.

On the security dividend Pakistan achieved during the last 10 years, the DG ISPR said that developments projects have been started in KP and Balochistan. “After passing through clear and hold phase, we are now moving towards build and transfer phase,” he said adding that 199 developments projects of worth of Rs 601 billion have been started in Balochistan. These include 10 health projects, 18 of education, 20 of agriculture and 42 of transport sector. “All these projects are due to security dividend for which we have sacrificed during last two decades.” In tribal areas, 883 development projects of worth Rs 31 billion have been started. He said that Pakistan has given full response to the pandemic under National Coordination committee through NCOC despite its limited resources.

The DG ISPR said that the enormity of the challenge of security was decidedly overwhelming when Pakistan Army took over it.  “During this whole course, I think in this testing time, we have come a long as a nation, as a society and as a military. The challenges that we overcame are now giving way to great opportunities. We are not out of the woods yet…. But we have almost done,” he said and added, “We have stayed the course and InshAllah we will stay the course, no matter what.”

Responding questions about security situation in Balochistan, Major General Babar Iftikhar said that was continuous downward trend of high impact incidents there. “Our first focus was erstwhile FATA and now we have cleared the area but in the last couple of years, we shifted focus to Balochistan.” He said that the main target of India was the province and CPEC, as mentioned in a dossier. He said that the capacity of FC in the province has been enhanced and special security division for CPEC and its projects has been raised.  “The threat is there but by the grace of Allah, things are under control,” he said adding the situation was improving. “We will make sure that Balochistan is safe because Balochistan is the future of Pakistan. That is how the government is looking at.”

Replying a question about uprooting the Pak-Afghan fence, he said that no one can dare to root it out as army has not done at its own but on the orders of the government of Pakistan and for people of Pakistan. “We have cemented this fence with the blood and sweat of our soldiers and no one care dare to uproot it.”

About ceasefire violations by India, the DG ISPR said that that there were absolutely ready “for whatever they can bring out and they also know it.” “We know what the capability is, we also understand the intentions.” He said adding that the India was involved in targeting civilians and even animals along LoC.

The chief of the military of media wing reminded, “Pakistan is a country of consequence and the whole world admits that, and to be a country of consequence there is a prince to pay.”  He said that vested interests have had repercussions in Pakistani but the nation has never let going such efforts of creating chaos beyond some specific level. We are on a positive trajectory and Pakistan will survive and these efforts were doomed to fail, he added,

“The international community needs to understand that conventional balance in South Asia is very important,” he said while talking about the India’s expenditures on defence. He warned that if things will enter into another domain if this balance got disturbed and things will become out of control.

The DG ISPR informed that Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa will be visiting Quetta during this week.” He also said that Pakistan and Iran had very good cooperation in military and security domain  

He also appreciated Pakistani media for playing its role in bringing awareness among masses during pandemic and for unveiling Indian propaganda and threats faced by the country. “The enemies were busy in making us fail, wanted to divide us, we all have individual and collective responsibilities and characters but our destination is one and we have to play our role to make Pakistan successful.”



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South Punjab News : ISIS in Afghanistan being supported by India’s RAW
ISIS in Afghanistan being supported by India’s RAW
South Punjab News
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