Fire erupts in Madina Munawara hotel

A fire has erupted in a hotel located in Madina Munawwara where Umrah pilgrims are currently staying, South Punjab News report Saturday afternoon.
Rescue efforts are under way and rescue teams are making efforts to evacuate the hotel.
Initial reports suggest that fire was caused by short-circuiting in a room on 14th floor.
Umrah pilgrims from Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria were staying at the hotel.
As many as 250 Pakistanis have travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. 
On February 9, 2014, at least 15 people were killed and 130 injured in a fire at a hotel used by pilgrims in Madina. 
The blaze was started by an electrical short circuit, according to a separate report on Egypt’s state television station.
It took rescue teams more than two hours to put out the fire and a nearby hotel was evacuated as a precautionary measure, Saudi Arabia’s state news agency reported.
About 700 people from different countries were said to be staying at the hotel.A fire has broke out in the hotel situated in Madina Munawwara currently where Umrah pilgrims are staying.

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