Polio eradication in Pakistan and Afghanistan is one of our top priorities-Susanne Rea

MULTAN,Feb 22nd: Susanne Rea ,Global Team Coordinator of World Greatest Meal(WGM) said that Polio eradication in Pakistan and Afghanistan is one of our top priorities, and as a major supporter of the GPEI, we contribute technical and financial resources to accelerate targeted vaccination campaigns, community mobilization, and routine immunizations.She said that She loves to Pakistan and wants to see it "Polio-free,"She further said We also partner to improve polio surveillance and outbreak response; develop safer, more effective vaccines; and galvanize financial and political support for polio eradication efforts.She was exchanging views with the Vice President Sheikh Fazal Elahi ,Executive Member Sidra Khalid Cheema and Secretary General Khurram Javed and member of Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) here today. She said," Over the past three decades, the world has made tremendous progress toward the eradication of polio. In 1988—when wild polio virus was present in more than 125 countries and paralyzed 350,000 people every year, primarily young children—the World Health Assembly set a goal to eliminate the disease, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) was launched. Since then, immunization efforts have reduced the number of cases by more than 99 percent, saving more than 13 million children from paralysis. In 2012, India stopped the virus, and in 2015, Nigeria was removed from the list of endemic countries. Today, polio is found only in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and fewer than 100 cases were reported in 2016.Sheikh Fazal Elahi assured that Multan Chamber would play its role to eradicate polio in Pakistan and they would contribute for this sacred purpose. Sidra Khalid Cheema paid rich tributes to Susanne Rea who had devoted her life for the cause of polio-hit people and she is a role model for the women of world.She said that Multan Chamber would cooperate with World Greatest Meal and Rotary Club in this mission  and it would observe the World Polio DAy on October 24 every year and it would be part of our events calendar. Rotarian ambassador in Pakistan Salman Mubarak, Patron of Society for Special Persons Syed Ijaz Shah, Asad Mumtaz of Rotary Club Multan Cantt also joined them.

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