International Mother Language day (IMLD) observed by Saraiki Nationalists

MULTAN, Feb21st: Saraiki Nationalists Parties on Tuesday observed the International Mother Language day (IMLD) and demanded for declaring the Saraiki as medium of instruction at primary level and teaching Saraiki in SSC and Higher secondary level to promote the regional language. They said that UNESCO supports mother language and multilingual education through IMLD). The overall objective of the Day is to contribute to promoting Global Citizenship education.Pakistan Saraiki Party organised the major ceremony under the chairmanship of  Mian Mansoor Karim Siyal.PPP's Dr.Javed Siddiqui ex-MPA, Babu Nafees Ansari Ex-MPA,Malik Zul-Naurain Bhutta of People's Saraiki Party,Begum Yasmeen Khakwani-PML-Q, Rana Faraz Noon Chairman Inayatullah Mashriqi,Syed Mehdi-ul-Hassan Shah,Syeda Abida Bukhari, Syed Matloob Hussain Bukhari,Ujala Langah of Saraikistan Democratic Party ,Comrade Yamin and Farhat Abbas of National Workers Party, Mumtaz Khan Dahar,Malik Javed Channar advocate,Ahmed Nawaz Somroo, Shoaib Nawaz Baloch  of Pakistan Saraiki party  ,Amer Shehzad Siddiqui,Amjad Baloch, Aafia Khan of Civil Society ,M.A.Bhutta of National Saraiki Party,JKhawaja Ghulam Fareed Koreja Chairman of Saraiki Qaumi Ittehad, Zahoor Dhareeja of Saraikistan Qaumi Council,Akram Ghallu(Lodhran)Waseem Mumtaz Ex-President of District Bar urged the government to give equal status to Saraiki language in regional languages to flourish and promote it at all level.
"Ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy"Multilingual education facilitates access to education while promoting equity for populations speaking minority and/or indigenous languages, especially girls and women,they added.They said that the day emphasizes the quality of teaching and learning with a focus on understanding and creativity; reinforces the cognitive aspect of learning by ensuring the direct application of learning outcomes to the learner’s life through the mother tongue, enhances dialogue and interaction between learner and teacher by allowing genuine communication from the beginning, facilitates participation and action in society and gives access to new knowledge and cultural expressions, thus ensuring a harmonious interaction between the global and the local. A rally was organised by Sarakistan Qaumi Ittehad  under the leadership of Khawaja GhulamFareed Koreja ,Rana Faraz Noon and others. Saraiki Sooba Movement also iorganised a meeting under thechairmanship of Mumtaz Hussain Jai advocate.Khawaja Ghulam Farid Koreja backed declaration of two days Islamabad Mother Tongues Litrary Festival. He said one nation and one lsnguage policy is not realistic, which needs to revive. The issues of language should be discussed at government level. He demanded enactment of laws on the promotion of national languages.
Khawaja Ghulam Farid Koreja demanded the government acknowledgement of Saraiki as national languages. The government adopts measures for the promotion of Saraiki, making it the part of all syllabuses.
Speaking on the occasion Fr Younis Alam said no language can survive by only external support unless its speakers stop considering it as an inferior to other languages.
"In the future only those languages would survive which would have power to compete with other languages,” he said, adding that many international languages are dying due to their incompetency. He complained that the Saraiki regional language did not get the proper attention as it deserved due attention.
The Saraiki Democratic aprty chief Rana Faraz Noon, Saraiki Inqilabi Council chairman Muzaffar Khan Magsi, Ashiq Buzdar of Saraiki Lok Sanjh and others also spoke on the occasion.
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