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MULTAN, Feb 21st: Chairman of APBUMA Khawaja MUhammad Younas  called for creating awareness among masses to protect the intellectual property rights (IPRs) in the country, as Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the IPRs. Speaking at an awareness seminar jointly organised by IPO and All Pakistan Bedsheet & Upholstry Manufacturers Associationon (APBUMA)on Intellectual Property Rights the Chief guest said protection to the IPRs was the only way to encourage inventors to continue their jobs dedicatedly and shape the world for the betterment of human being."Ordinarily, the benefit of advancement in science and technology must reach the humanity, however having said so, let it be emphasised that the process cannot go on until some protection and compensation is accorded to the inventor for his or her efforts as well as expenditure incurred thereon," he said. Khawaja Younas said, "The seminar is being organised to raise awareness about the role of IP in daily life, generate public and media interest in issues relating to IP, increase public understanding about IP and to demonstrate how IP cherishes not only arts and music but technological innovation that help shape our world."He said Constitution of Pakistan assigned the intellectual property law on the subjects of copyright, inventions, designs, trademarks and merchandise marks to the parliament as these were listed in the Federal Legislative List. "Pakistan is signatory to certain international connections on intellectual property rights and has also enacted laws, which from time to time have been amended to make them in tune with current international trends. The laws enacted in Pakistan are in the area of copyright, designs, patents, trademark, etc."He said, "The legal protection of these new innovations encourages the utilisation of additional resources, which leads to further economic growth, new jobs and industries and enhances the quality of life." He said the IP culture required strong protection and enforcement mechanism, especially role of enforcement agencies for the protection of the right of the owner. Shakira Khurshid and Anjum Bukhari delivered  lectured and said it was envisaging the future of Pakistan as developed with technology and morally build society to respect the other rights and property. They said the seminar was aimed at creating awareness regarding the IPRs. Syed Muhammad AasimShah,SyedMuhammad Ahsan Shah,,Naveed Sheikh Former Director of TDAP Alamgir, Tajdin Masha Secretary General of APBUMA also spoke.
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