Politics of America, UK, EU, Russia & China in MENA region-Global Strategic Governance 2020

The global village has entered a complex phase during time of oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty/embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising during initial half-phase of year 2020. Due to such rapid changes in Strategic Governance practices through unprecedented political events, non-traditional security is now becoming a major concern for states, organisations, bodies and corporations which leads to renewed approach towards ‘Global Strategic Governance.’ However, a pattern and trend exists, which upon close scrutiny, enables to depict that the National Security Policy of major powers (specially, western bloc) has advanced into certain phase/stage where the Foreign Policy has been redefined on unprecedented terms in accordance with the rapidly changing situation since January 2020. Embracing ‘non-traditional security’ as the most critical factor of National Security Policy is the next major step taken in Foreign Policy making of Pakistan. The Strategic Policy Planning Cell has embarked on a mission to strengthen the connection between traditional and non-traditional security which also fulfills the necessary safeguarding measures to preserve the National Interest of Pakistan. The article refers to (i) Security Policy of US, EU, UK, EU, NATO, Russia and China in the MENA region with special reference to (ii) Arms control treaty, Rogue States, Oil Price Wars, Pandemic rage, Space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, arms embargos etc. The associated political events are also related to the Security pact, mutual agreements and Peace treaties as discussed with special reference to strategy of Pakistan, Turkey and Israel. The political events have direct and mutual relationship with Strategic Governance.
In this article journalistic approach (why, what, how, whence) regarding ‘Libya is the New Syria,’ is adopted in order to analyse the patterns, trends and trajectory of political events. The center of Middle Eastern conflict is expanding (and shifting) from ‘KSA-Iran’ to ‘Turkey-Egypt’ (with many stakeholders within group of MENA countries including Libya, Jordan, KSA, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq etc). After intervening in Syria and Libya during January-June 2020, Turkey is focusing on (Iraqi) Kurdistan in June. Though NATO has changed its Libya policy recently in June 2020, it has also raised concern on Russia’s growing presence in Libya, Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Russian FM Lavrov stated that Turkey and Egypt are in favour of peace through talks. Furthermore, Russia suggested that there is no military solution to Libya and, on the same date, military advisor to Government stated that Libya requires political solution. However, with each passing day, more and more stakeholders are emerging in Libya. France and Israel have put pressure on Turkey and Iran that mercenaries from Syria are being transferred to Libya. Despite the blame, the game of Turkey is working out brilliantly since it has managed to bring US, UK, EU, NATO and Russia on same page regarding Libya in the cover of many other matters (for e.g., arms control) It has definitely benefitted US to the extent that Trump announced that US no longer seeks Assad’s removal but change in his behaviour. Unprecedented US policy towards Syria depicts change in status quo regarding MENA. Syrian Foreign Minister has recently stated that Syria will assist Egypt for military action and diplomatic war against Turkey in Libya. Therefore, the eschatological position on evidence based reasoning regarding connection between Political events and Prophetic traditions can be proven in order to validate ‘Abrahamic Perspective of Strategic Governance.’ The combined MENA Security Politics has led to new status quo in global power dynamics leading to new phase of Jewish-Muslim relations. 
The observation of Political events occurring in March, April, May and June 2020 suggests that the trends and patterns are being closely monitored by the state administration in Pakistan (for a special reason) in order to adhere to effective ‘new’ Strategic Governance at a time of such global power dynamics where US President Trump has praised Russia’s Putin for ensuring great mutual relation as depicted in Russia’s willingness to discuss Arms control treaty, economic sanctions, arms embargo, rogue states, space force and technology wars as well as oil price wars with America. Meanwhile, Russia and USA have reached understanding to deal with Israel as Joint Protectorate of Russia and America. China, on the other hand, is in no mood for forced negotiations. It is soon to be reflected in the approach to Global Strategic Governance (National Security Policy and Foreign Policy) of these Major powers after Israel annexes West Bank.
The emerging Governance practices need to be analysed in context of trends and patterns associated with political events. The pattern, trend and trajectory behind shift in Turkish intervention from Syraq (ongoing) to North Africa (Libya) can be matched with eschatological position on evidence-based reasoning regarding significance of political events. The Strategic Policy Planning Cell can, therefore, build the framework for ‘Abrahamic Perspective of Strategic Governance.’ The combination of previous and follow-up article provide content and context to present the facts to confirm the validity of Ayaam'Illah (Days of Allah) in ambit of political events. For e.g., the previous article categorically stated role of North Africa as the emerging zone which is also mentioned in Religious eschatology with detailed information. The role of Egypt and Libya (North Africa) is attached to Syria. The Turkish actions in the political events provide complete tools for the base and development of such framework which supports evidence-based reasoning regarding Politics of US, UK, EU, Russia and China for Security and Governance in the MENA region, in combination with strategy of Pakistan, Turkey and Israel for ‘Security Pacts and Peace Treaties (requiring Abrahamic perspective of Strategic Governance).’
Turkish involvement in Political events initiated from Syria to Libya to Iraq (particularly, January to June 2020). Inherently, it fulfills the Prophetic traditions on the basis that events shall initiate from political events )due to activism of people) in Maghreb (North Africa) and reach Syraq. Particularly, Prophetic traditions mention rise of ruler in Egypt who will bring West / Christians / Europeans to the land of Islam after being challenged by People of North Africa (Prophetic traditions mention also People of Egypt as well People of Maghreb and, they rise up against tyrant’s oppression) of being stripped from Power and Authourity. The Strategic Governance in MENA region cannot be maintained without capturing or establishing Power and Authourity. This article suggests that the world is passing through the phase mentioned in the Prophetic Traditions regarding political events occurring in Maghreb (North Africa) and Middle East as the Nature is also witness to the fact that western bloc (Europeans / Christians) is establishing its major role and presence in North Africa at a time when Egypt’s President has ordered Egyptian military to gear up for fighting abroad (Libya?) and Turkey is already intervening in Libya.  Apart from Egyptians and Libyans, the citizens of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco are also considered as the people of Maghreb. Algeria is in talks with UN-recognised Libyan Government after Egyptian President covertly threatened military campaign in Libya (June) while the US-AFRICOM is stationing troops in Tunisia (June 2020) along with presence of militaries from EU countries in Sahel region of Africa followed by meeting of  Tunisia -Libya - US AFRICOM leadership (June 2020). This suggests that storm is brewing in Upper Africa as Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have sought US and UN assistance in implementing decision Nile Dam Agreement which is on the verge of breakdown with serious consequences.
At this moment in time, Turkish involvement has expanded from Syria to Libya to Iraq. The focus in previous article was shift from Syria to Libya. In the follow-up article, it is about all three states: Syria, Libya (/Egypt) and Iraq. The trajectory of political events of second half of the year 2020 is in the ‘throes of birth’ after rise of Iraqi Premier Mustafa Al-Kadhimi (New Iraqi PM brought through US-Iran deal despite Iraqi Parliament’s denial to harbor US troops which led to ongoing negotiations to renew military deal between US and Iraq which might be covered in future; essentially, this article revolves around linkage of eschatological position to evidence based reasoning attached with political events in Libya and Syria).
Consider the following latest political events regarding Libya (Mid-June 2020) covered in International news: UN Extends arms embargo on Libya / Egyptian President announces Cairo’s new ‘Peace Initiative’ for Libya / Cairo Declaration unacceptable for EU / Russia lends support to Libya cease-fire offer /  Turkey and Libya to further cooperate in Eastern Mediterranean / Russian Foreign Minister meets top Libyan officials / UAE backs Egypt peace initiative in Libya / Turkey’s Foreign Minister and NATO chief discuss Libya /  Libya’s Tripoli Government legitimate: Arab League official / Turkish defense and Foreign Ministers discuss Libya and Syria with NATO Chief / Fake statement of US officials on Libya: Russian embassy / Unstable Libya will affect all of North Africa, Turkey and Europe: Turkey’s Presidential Spokesperson / Turkish military set to establish bases in Libya (conducts large-scale drills in Mediterranean) / Turkey and Russia to continue talks for truce in Libya / NATO concerned about Russia’s growing presence in Mediterranean /  Russia would welcome US efforts to end Libya conflict: Russian FM Lavrov / France deepens conflict in Libya: Turkey / Turkey  playing dangerous game in Libya: France/ France deploys 5000 troops across Sahel region / G5 Sahel group aims to ensure lasting peace in Africa: France /  Libyan PM calls on UN to document war crimes with turkey’s assistance / Turkey will work with US on Libya: Turkish Foreign Minister / Turkey and Italy working for lasting peace in Libya: Turkish FM / Egyptian President’s remarks are ‘war declaration’: Libya / Turkey rejects UN, US claims regarding activities in Libya and Syria / Stronger US-Turkish cooperation in Libya can pay off: Turkish VP / Libyan leadership arrives in Algeria for talks, denounces Egypt’s possible ‘aggressiveness.’ / Russia, Iran support peaceful political solution to Libya, urge to avoid military solution / Syria announces assistance for Libya against Turkey. These are political events which occurred in June but the trend, pattern and trajectory was set since January 2020 when Turkey intervened in Libya and major powers conducted Berlin Conference on Libya in follow-up. Evidence-based reasoning depicts that Libya is the New Syria at the start of new decade which leads to more implications
Considering the pattern, trend and trajectory of political events, the evidence-based reasoning approach suggests that Western bloc had brilliantly planned the strategy to encircle Russia, China and Rogue states in year 2020. Russia attempted to follow-up through Joint coordination, collaboration and cooperation with western bloc (US, UK, EU, NATO) which has led Trump to appreciate Putin’s decision to start working groups on Strategic Stability with US which led the US Special Envoy for Arms Control to negotiate extensively with Russia (while China rejected to be part of Arms Control meeting) during June. In 2020, political events are massively influenced part of strategic endeavours of western bloc. An example is Libya which has become new Syria. From January till June 2020, all political events are revolving around western bloc’s approach to ensuring security of Israel. In this case, Libya has come to occupy special place. Countries like Egypt, Iran, UAE, KSA, Turkey, Algeria, Russia and entire western bloc are now playing the ‘Great Game’ on unprecedented terms. The article focuses on how Strategic Policy Planning Cell can take benefit from evidence-based policy inputs on National Security and Foreign Policy to deal with issues, problems and challenges (taking into account various dimensions) and, proactively produce scenarios, forecasts and multiple alternative policy options on related issues on basis of original research and prospective analysis (on issues not receiving adequate attention in the system). The pattern, trends and trajectory of political events serve in the proposed material for intellectual hub of SPPC.
Considering the rest half of year 2020, Israeli annexation plan is not part of random political endeavor. It is part of long term goals and objectives associated with establishment and security of future Ruling State of the world i.e., Israel. Therefore, the political events concerning Israel should also be examined. The political events in initial half of year 2020 are tied into second half with Israeli annexation plan being implemented right in the middle of the year 2020 (July 1st, 2020).
The major political events in initial half of year 2020 re-defining Strategic Governance are oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations.  Western bloc has rolled out certain strategy to deal with Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and the rest of eastern bloc. The article combines the proposed list of trends and patterns observed in major political events with eschatological position on evidence based reasoning to propose and align with new and effective way, methods and path for Strategic Governance. Following ‘Evidence based reasoning’ through observing patterns and trends in existing situations and prevailing circumstances under the umbrella of Political events needs to be associated with relativity of non-traditional security in Governance in order to provide framework for utilising eschatological position. Turkey’s increasing western tilt has led to unprecedented increase in presence and role of western bloc in MENA region. Prophetic traditions depict the contemporary situation with presence of western bloc (Europeans / Christians) in MENA region. Therefore, Political events associated with Turkish actions amount to evidence since Turkey has requested US, EU and NATO to assist in stability.
The strategy of Pakistan, Turkey and Israel for Security Pacts and Peace Treaties,’ which clearly explain the relation of (i) western-eastern tilt policy of Turkey and Pakistan to determine security policy as well as, the (ii) Foreign Policy of Israel, regarding the trajectory of Global power dynamics. The situational problems, issues and challenges attached with the aforementioned points (such as oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising in 2020) in the beginning sentence of this follow-up article relate ‘non-traditional security’ to ‘Governance’ due to volatility of political events. In simpler terms, the Turkish endeavor since January 2020 has snowballed the political paradigm by taking onboard western bloc (US, UK, EU and NATO), which has led their respective role and presence to reshape Governance aspect in Security Policy.
US accepts EU offer to create dialogue on China: Pompeo
These political events clearly depict the need for journalistic approach to interlink the trends and patterns through the developing of ‘Strategic Governance’ framework for 2020 due to its long term feature associated with exhibiting of global political dynamics. The trajectory of political events can be tied to recently ‘increased’ role of western bloc in MENA region, especially, regarding Syria and Libya, as well as Iran, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Gulf and Turkey. Libya was the main focus of Turkey in January 2020 which became the central point of reference for western bloc in later portion of initial half phase (Jan-June) of year 2020 after western bloc insisted on new Security Policy related to oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising during initial half-phase of year 2020. Similarly, Russia has become more active in consolidating its role in Syria. Therefore, the oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising in 2020 are also related to western bloc’s encirclement of China, Iran and Venezuela. Russia has carved out survival strategy through its role in serving as Joint protectorate with USA for Israel but patterns and trends suggest decreasing space for Russia and its potential allies as NATO has decided to strengthen political aspects of alliance in response to Russia’s growing military potential and presence. NATO Chief further said that the organisation should not ignore China’s rise to power while calling for Arms control with Russia which also explains that political dimension of NATO alliance includes diplomatic efforts to seek opening of Indian-Australian military bases in Pacific  (Pompeo claiming China waging disinformation war as China rejects to become part of US-Russian Nuclear talks at time when EU is re-thinking JCPOA obligations towards Iran) as well as UK / France / Germany (dodging JCPOA commitments to allow IAEA impose further strict restrictions against Iran but also opposing US sanctions despite tacit element) being active in Hong Kong / Venezuela / Libya as well effect of EU’s sanction against Russia due to Ukraine, UN Nuclear watchdog adopting resolution against Iran’s activities, Iran forced to oppose EU’s denial to end arms embargo and the noose also tightening around Syria’s neck through new sanctions on Assad family, Israel’s ‘heightened aggression’ against Syria and, US threat to Assad to follow political path or face more sanctions. The political events depicting encirclement of China (Iran, Venezuela) have convinced Russia to go full throttle to evade western bloc’s attempt to deter goals serving Russian strategic interest. Russia is facing new sanctions over Ukraine as per Germany’s Merkel statement and, NATO has now increased military presence in Poland (threat for Russia) from transferring equipment from Germany to Poland and, the NATO Defence Ministers meeting issued statement that Russia’s growing missile potential (and presence in East Mediterranean) is a concern right before US-Russian Nuclear talks (despite Putin’s concern regarding Trump’s ability to uphold US-Russian agreements). Russia also had to retrieve Rosneft Oil Company from Venezuelan oil market during ‘KSA (OPEC)-Russia oil price war (Non-OPEC).’ After failed coup attempt, Venezuela is on a quest to retrieve all gold from UK while Maduro warns EU not to interfere in Venezuela’s affairs. Despite difference in US and EU methods, the European countries have issued concerning statement regarding Egypt’s threat to intervene in Libya while US AFRICOM command met rival Libyan faction and, NATO showed concern regarding growing Russian influence in East Mediterranean despite Russian Foreign Minister’s gesture of welcome to US for resolving Libyan dispute.  Pompeo has blamed China’s disinformation regarding US-Europe split and, he further stated that China’s potential to rise should be based upon Western rules. Therefore, political events involving US, UK, EU, Russia and China during January to June 2020 are definitely part of brilliant strategic planning of western bloc since the sync cannot be orchestrated or maintained without existence of certain authourity.
House Democrats warn Netanyahu over annexation plans
 The political events cannot be treated in isolation in year 2020. There is much at stake in terms of Governance which requires more critical observation of trends and patterns at such unprecedented time since such endeavours were witnessed before in the recent months through strategy of Turkey (as well as Pakistan and Israel) in North Africa. Therefore, western bloc has also shifted the gear from Politics in Middle East (ME) to Politics in North Africa (NA) with the period of gap (March-April / May 2020) in the shift representing phase of change (/advancement) in western policy related to dealing on an unprecedented level with oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising in 2020. The list of political events encapsulate such trends and patterns which reveal the new idea of effective Strategic Governance when Israel is increasing its efforts to establish its credentials as Ruling State of the world.
 In prequel article, the eschatological position on Syria and Libya clearly depicted that western bloc is set to increase its role and presence in MENA region at rapid pace in order to re-define ‘parameters’ of effective Strategic Governance. This necessitates the development of the ‘Abrahamic Perspective of Strategic Governance’ in order to prepare Muslim mind for developing understanding to intellectually deal with political events in the age which is instructed to be observed for AyaamIllah (Movement of Absolute in annals of history according to Days of Allah) in its phase/s (transfer of power and authourity as ruling state of the world from America to Israel and, Israel finally establishing Pax Judaica) through eschatological framework. Therefore, the political events in Syria, Iraq and Libya tie into the strategy of Pakistan, Turkey and Israel for Security Pacts and Peace treaties since Strategic Governance is being re-structured with special focus on politics of major powers in the MENA region. The simpler way is to list political events and test the observable pattern or trend in order to eliminate any discrepancy error or gap in analysis and results
 In the prequel article, the focus on Strategy regarding ‘two ages’ (Historic and Contemporary) was based upon ‘status of eschatological position on evidence-based reasoning’ in order to take into account of the security deals, agreements and peace treaties. However, the emphasis has now shifted to combine ‘Strategy’ (in previous article) with ‘Governance’ (in follow-up article) in order to account for Global power dynamics after the trend and pattern of political events occurring during January and February 2020 has been noted for striking similarity in political event occurring in following months up till June 2020 which depict the increasing role and growing presence of western bloc in MENA region in which Turkey is playing immensely active role. Turkish actions in Libya and Syria have led US and entire western bloc to increase role and presence in affairs of the Middle East. The political events are attached with aspects of global governance. The transfusion of Islamic perspective of Strategic Governance with Global Governance on basis of Institution of the ‘Governance-Ruling’ system (combination of Institutions of ‘Pledge of Allegiance and ‘Caliphate’ with respect to type of political leadership and form of political leadership) provides suitable political framework necessary for instilling ‘idea of Power and concept of authourity (foundation based on faith).’
Governance occupies pivotal role in global power dynamics since it connects Security Policy with Foreign Policy. The Abrahamic perspective of Strategic Governance provides framework to research ‘how, why, what, whence’ of role and presence of western bloc in political events. The application of Quranic methodology on Prophetic traditions suggests that the purpose of existence of Israel will not be separate from political goals of Ar-Rum (West, Christians or Europe). Therefore, the analysis concerning National Security Policy and Foreign Policy has to be based upon idea of ‘Governance Authourity’ existing in ‘third phase’ (1: Great Britain, 2: America, 3: Israel). The political events can lead researchers to develop frameworks for updating the role of ‘Strategy’ and ‘Governance’ in field of Political Science (with its following sub-divisions: International Relations, Comparative and Developmental Politics, Governance and Public Policy, Local Government and Public Administration) which creates the required political system necessary for ensuring Security. Therefore, similarity in pattern and trend as witnessed in January-February 2020, confirmed through observing the political events in following months up till June 2020, allow potential researchers to determine the base and contours of framework based on foundation of Abrahamic Perspective of Strategic Governance. The political events of last half of year 2020 can also later be studied for solutions to issues and problems on basis of study of initial half of year 2020.
The strategy of Pakistan, Turkey and Israel revolves around role in Security Pacts and Peace treaties. Initially, Turkey alone dealt with the EU, UN and NATO presence in Libya during Jan-Feb 2020. However, the political events of North Africa are now tied in with politics of Middle East as the timeline advances from January to June 2020. These are not gradual phases but rather simultaneous advancements in the political events. For e.g. Egypt has proposed political solution for Libya civil war in June 2020. Turkish Foreign Minister recently stated that Turkey and the US will work together in Libya. EU and NATO (initially) as well as UK, US and UN (later) have now extensively started playing major role in Libya. This corresponds the Libyan episode in January/February to the latest Libyan situation (June) with new status of Security Pacts and Peace treaties being re-negotiated on basis of political events occurring in shape of oil price wars, space force and technology wars, economic sanctions, pandemic rage, arms treaty / embargos, rogue nations and other unprecedented situations arising in initial half of year 2020.  The evidence-based reasoning to determine the pattern, trajectory and trend in political events suggests that Global power dynamics are changing due to importance of non-traditional security in Strategic Governance which is visible in the role of US, EU, UK, China and Russia in the MENA region. Therefore, the encirclement in terms of arms embargo / treaty or economic sanctions isn’t limited to Rogue states (Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba etc) but also Russia and China. Pakistan and Turkey are at center of the west-east tilt policy which leads to more relevance of security deals and peace treaties as Israel is on the verge of benefitting from ‘future’ legal status in advancing the practice of Global Strategic Governance. The aim of EU, UK and many western countries is to increase western role and presence in deals and agreements. JCPOA, START, INF and many other deals/agreements can be utilised for observation which ultimately suggests that EU, NATO, UK, US and western bloc is working on long term strategy for ensuring Global Governance. Britain, Germany, France Italy have opposed US actions in deals / agreements such as JCPOA, Mideast peace plan, Libya, Syria etc. However, Turkey has embarked on foreign policy to bring US, UK, EU and NATO on same page. On one hand, Israel and the US have opposed ICC decision to give verdict on war crimes in the Middle East (MENA region). On other hand, Greece and Turkey discussed option to refer their Mediterranean (MENA region) maritime dispute to International Court of Justice. US action to oppose another global organisation, WHO, are also evident in decision to cut the allocated funds for the organisation. Therefore, states, blocs, organisations, bodies and corporations have to witness a new legal contract between Nation-states and new global authourity.
The trajectory, pattern and trend of political events provide the evidence-based reasoning to suggest that the initial half of year 2020 is part of brilliant planning at part of western bloc regarding China, Russia and Rogue Nations (Iran, Venezuela, Syria) in context of Security Policy and Politics. In January and February 2020, the Foreign Policy of Turkey (due to certain reasons) was focused on North Africa including Libya as major target. Israel and Pakistan, as part of economic diplomacy, also invested their efforts in establishing good relations with African countries in January-February 2020. As the global village is witnessing rapidly changing scenario in an increasingly uncertain world, western bloc (US, UK, EU, NATO) has intensified their efforts and operations in politics of North Africa (NA) relative to existing status in Middle East (ME) for purpose of engaging in Globalised practice of effective Strategic Governance. Therefore, the MENA (Middle East-North Africa) region serving as periphery of Israel (future ruling state of the world) is part of Security Policy of western bloc for regional and Global ‘Strategic Governance’ in the Middle East. Security Policy as part of unified Foreign Policy of western bloc is evident in political events associated with US and EU’s latest actions in Libya during March-June 2020. The entire North African region has become center of latest diplomatic and military endeavours of western bloc. The surge in western bloc presence in NA region at time of such uncertainty serves a question mark on efforts for Strategic Governance as countries of MENA region are adjusting to the ‘new’ reality to accept Israel. Egypt’s Cairo Initiative for Libya cannot be alienated from Israeli annexation plan of West Bank since Security deals and Peace Treaties would require preserving MENA region for new ruling state. Egyptian President has recently addressed troops to remain ready to fight ‘war’ abroad. Libya’s recent resurgence in Global affairs after 2011 is quite surprising which also confirms eschatological interpretation of events in North Africa (Maghreb and Sahel region) during Second / Last Age. According to factual situation, the CURRENT political events match up to the exact details mentioned in Prophetic traditions regarding situation in North Africa (Maghreb / Sahel) during the Second/Last age. Political events are syncing with AyaamIllah.
The pattern, trend and trajectory of political events and diplomatic efforts during the initial half of year 2020 also presents evidential reasoning to confirm existence of pattern, trend and trajectory of certain practice surviving and thriving (leading the way as an example)  in uncertain times in order to explain the reality behind the existing conditions and prevailing circumstances i.e., Israel is set to annex the West Bank territories (including Eastern Jerusalem under authourity of Palestinian Territory) on July 1st, 2020. It is a political event connected with continuation of events from January to June 2020. It resembles ‘budgetary’ position on political events of 2020 with new targets for second half of year 2020 based on achievements (exhibited in political events) in initial half of year 2020. The observation and scrutiny of political events in initial half of year 2020 depict the practices being adopted to introduce futuristic approach to Global Strategic Governance (which deals with all sectors on basis of non-traditional security).
The application of Prophetic traditions and Quranic methodology (briefed in detail in prequel article) enables researcher to evaluate the ‘status of eschatological position regarding evidence-based reasoning in Political frameworks,’ which in manifested in the role of Turkey in Syrian cities of Aleppo and Idlib (both cities mentioned symbolically termed as Amaq / Dabiq in Prophetic traditions with reference to chain of political events occurring in Last Age) during Jan-Feb 2020 (commencing part of Last Age events with latter events occurring in Libya, Egypt and Iraq around June 2020) and,  also relevant to simultaneous Turkish intervention in Libya as well Trump’s announcement of Mideast Peace Plan prior to assassination of IRGC Commander also ultimately targeting Syria and Iraq).
 The latest Turkish ‘Operation Claw-Eagle’ in Northern Iraq confirms that the western-eastern tilt is based upon new reality of Strategic Governance in MENA region, meaning that political events are part of a bigger plan which need to be identified and understood on basis of eschatological position on evidence-based reasoning regarding (traditional and Non-traditional) Security aspects in Global Strategic Governance. Israel following in the footsteps of previous ruling states, US and UK, is set to strengthen its base to preserve its manufactured legal status in order to garner support through credibility and validity to shun any hint of undue influence and forceful intervention in the process. The Parliament (Prime Minister and cabinet) system in UK and, Executive (Presidential) system in US seems to be continued through third organ of state i.e., Judicial and Legal sense in Israel’s period as Ruling State of the world. In order to remove any ambiguity or confusion, it is necessary to present the timeline of political events which sheds light on Security Policy, Economic Diplomacy and Military endeavours in context of Strategic Governance. The political events surrounding actions of western bloc confirm the new research framework presented to identify Global Power Dynamics. The pattern, trend and trajectory concerning the link identified between Security Policy and Strategic Governance lies in consolidating the political thought based on ‘Abrahamic perspective of Strategic Governance.’



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South Punjab News : Politics of America, UK, EU, Russia & China in MENA region-Global Strategic Governance 2020
Politics of America, UK, EU, Russia & China in MENA region-Global Strategic Governance 2020
NATO has now increased military presence in Poland (threat for Russia) from transferring equipment from Germany to Poland and, the NATO Defence Ministers meeting issued statement that Russia’s growing missile potential (and presence in East Mediterranean) is a concern right before US-Russian Nuclear talks (despite Putin’s concern regarding Trump’s ability to uphold US-Russian agreements).
South Punjab News
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