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    Tuesday, 14 August 2018

    Pakistan celebrates 71 years of independence, day dawns with gun salutes

    The nation is  celebrating 71st Independence Day today (Tuesday) with traditional fervour and enthusiasm.
    All major public and private buildings, roads and avenues have been decorated with illuminations, national flags, portraits of national leaders, banners and buntings to give a festive look. Fireworks began as soon as the clock struck 12:00 am midnight. 
    The day  dawned with thirty-one gun salute in the federal and twenty-one gun salute at the provincial capitals.
    The main event of the day was a flag hoisting ceremony at Convention Center in Islamabad where President Mamnoon Hussain was the chief guest. At 8:59 am in the morning siren was sounded and the traffic came to standstill for one minute.
    Then president  hosted the national flag followed by national anthem. The president  also addressed the nation on the occasion.
    Caretaker Prime Minister Justice (R) Nasirul Mulk, federal ministers, speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly, parliamentarians, services chiefs, envoys of various countries and people from all walks of life  graced the occasion. 
    Special prayers are being offered in mosques at dawn for peace, solidarity and prosperity of the country and for the resolution of long standing issue of Kashmir.
    Educational institutions have arranged art exhibitions, declamation contests, national songs competitions and tableau shows.
    Horse and cattle shows, folk music and stage shows, sports tournaments for children, exhibitions of fruits and vegetables have also been organized in villages, towns and cities across the country.
    The services of heroes of Pakistan Movement are also being highlighted through electronic and print media on the day to pay tribute to their struggle for making Pakistan a reality.
    In their messages to the nation on 72nd Independence Day, President Mamnoon Hussain, caretaker Prime Minister Justice ® Nasirul Mulk and federal ministers said that in order to rid the country of political, social, economic and other complex issues, the nation will have to rise above its personal and factional differences.
    In their messages to the nation on 71st Independence Day, they believed that the dream of taking the country to the zenith would not come true unless we singularly concentrate on our national goals and objectives.
    The president, caretaker prime minister, federal ministers and other greeted the countrymen on Independence Day and said the day revives our enthusiasm as we rejuvenate our resolve to put our country on the track of progress and prosperity.
    They said on this day, our devotion to honour our national flag enhances manifold as it is the day for fulfillment of our hopes and aspirations and is the time for jubilation. “Pakistan is a heaven and a blessing for the Muslims of the subcontinent and was liberated after numerous sacrifices by our forefathers. Now it is our responsibility to take our country forward on the path of progress and prosperity according to the aspirations of its founders. This requires all segments of the society to live together with harmony and brotherhood,” they remarked.
    They said it is satisfactory to note that our new generation is full of patriotism, and has a sincere passion for development and progress of the country. However, he said, still there is a need to keep our children aware that why Pakistan was created, the sacrifices rendered by our sages and the dedication of Pakistan’s founders for a separate homeland.
    They said it is one of the objectives of commemorating the national days to apprise the society, particularly the young generation of our national objectives and the struggle to achieve them.
    They believed that the dream of taking the country to the zenith would not come true unless we singularly concentrate on our national goals and objectives. He said only by dedicatedly pursuing these principles we can materialise the dream of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal
    As Pakistan celebrates the 71st anniversary of its creation, prominent politicians, sportspeople and activists took to Twitter to share their messages for the nation on its birthday.
    Prime minister-in-waiting and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said Aug 14, 2018 filled him with the "greatest optimism".
    "I know if we are united in our resolve, we will rise to the challenge and Pakistan will become the great nation envisaged by our Quaid and Iqbal."
    PTI's Asad Umar, tipped to be our next finance minister, shared a couplet by poet Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi:
    Khuda karay keh meray arz-i-paak per utray
    Woh fasl-i-gul jisay andaishah-i-zawal na ho
    PTI Spokesman Naeemul Haq asked some important questions: Are we really free from poverty, illiteracy and hate? Let us not forget our fellow Pakistanis who suffer, he said.
    PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif decided to revisit history and pay tribute to "those who sacrificed everything to achieve this country".
    PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari had an inclusive message for the nation, calling for everyone to come together and celebrate the country.
    PPP Senator Sherry Rehman appreciated the celebrations and festivities in the capital and called for everyone to "work together to build a nation where all citizens have the same rights."
    Former Sindh CM Murad Shah called for a more "tolerant, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan".
    Lawyer-activist Jibran Nasir asked everyone to promise to work for a better tomorrow
    AGHS Legal Aid Cell, Asma Jahangir's Law Firm, recalled the outspoken lawyer's words:
    "The success of a state is measured by how well it protects its weakest. Asma Jahangir always said 'It will be the people of Pakistan themselves who will bring about change in society because they have had to struggle to fend for themselves at every level'."
    "Pakistan was made for people and the state must protect their interests rather than its own at the expense of the people. Let’s embrace diversity, we can’t afford to live in fear of each other. The success of a state is measured by how well it protects its weak."
    Malala Yousafzai also tweeted her wishes for Pakistan: "I pray that our country remains peaceful, prosperous and flourishes."

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