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    Tuesday, 21 August 2018


    A man killed his wife and three minor daughters and stuffed the woman’s body in a freezer before hanging himself in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad late on Monday evening, police said.
    Police said 35-year-old Manoj Kushwaha, a resident of Peepalgaon area, was suffering from depression because of a conflict with his family members.
    Kushwaha had killed his wife Shweta, 30, on Monday evening and shot his three daughters Preeti, 8, Shivani, 6, and Shreya, 3. He later hung himself to death.
    The man’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan while the bodies of two daughters were found in suitcase and almirah and a third in the room, news agency ANI reported.
    “Prima facie, it seems that the man killed his wife and daughters, and later committed suicide. An investigation is underway,” Allahabad’s senior superintendent of police Nitin Tiwari said.
    Indian Newspaper reports from Lucknow;-

    Lucknow, August 21
    In a macabre incident, a family of five members was found dead inside a room in Allahabad, which appears to be a case of the man killing his wife and three daughters and then hanging himself. When the police broke open the room on late Monday night they found the man hanging from the ceiling tied to a sari. The body of the middle daughter six-year old Shivani, with froth around her mouth, was lying on the floor. The body of the other two daughters – eight-year-old Srishti and three-year-old Sonu were stuffed inside the almirah. The body of the youngest was neatly packed in a suitcase kept inside the almirah. When the refrigerator was opened the body of the wife Sunita came tumbling out. Thirty five-year-old Manoj Kushwaha, resident of Pipalgaon in Dhoomanganj area of Allahabad, was a well-to-do farmer who lived with his family, including his father Gulabchand, brother Gopal, sister-in-law Sadhna and his wife and three daughters. According to his father, Gulabchand when he returned from the fields last evening the television was playing full blast in Manoj’s room, which was locked from inside. When after repeated knocking the room did not open. A worried Gulabchand called the village Pradahn Ramanand Pal, who summoned the police. The police broke open the door late at night and inside was this ghastly scene. The police removed all the five bodies, which have been sent for post mortem. According to SSP Allahabad prima facie it appears that Manoj killed his family and then committed suicide by hanging. A trace of froth around the mouth of the middle daughter suggests that the Manoj probably poisoned them before killing them most likely by strangulation, claim police sources.  In her statement to the police, the only other person present in the house at the time of the crime, Sadhna, said that the children were seen around the house till noon after which the family retired to their room, which was then locked from inside. Hearing the loud television playing in the room Sadhna had knocked at her brother-in-law’s door to find out the reason but there had been no response. In the evening, when her father-in-law and husband returned from the field she told them about the room not opening and the loud television playing.
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