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    Saturday, 4 August 2018

    CJP says burning schools in Diamer was a 'conspiracy' against his dams initiative

    Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday said that while his initiative to collect funds to build the Diamer-Bhasha dam had garnered immense support in the country, it had also fallen victim to "opposition".
    During his address to the High  Bar Association, Justice Nisar implied that Thursday night's incident when about a dozen educational institutions were burned down by miscreants in Gilgit-Baltistan's Diamer district was an act of opposition to his initiative to collect funds for the dam.
    "Diamer is such a peaceful place. I went to Gilgit-Baltistan a few days ago and was told by sessions judges and locals that it has been years since there has been a robbery or murder in the area," he told members of the Council. "But as soon as we started talking about building a dam [there], 12 educational institutions were torched."
    "Who is conspiring against Pakistan? We should think about this. I don't want to level irresponsible allegations against anyone but I am leaving it as a matter of thought for you people. For the past 60 years, no dam has been built and now that we are trying to build one, there are conspiracies against it.
    "But you people are the protectors; the people of Pakistan will get this implemented!" he said, amidst chants of "chief teray jaan nisar, beshumar beshumar!" [you have countless supporters, chief!] He urged people to participate and support the construction of dams.
    "[Building] this dam is unavoidable now. It is vital for the survival of the country," he asserted, and urged people to "quash any conspiracy" that might hinder the construction of the dams.
    He also clarified that the Supreme Court had not ruled out the Kalabagh Dam; instead, the court has said that it should be built after all provinces reach a consensus over it. He added that the dams that are free of controversy and are not being opposed by anyone will be built first.
    Last month, the CJP had announced that the top court will not interfere in the controversial issue of Kalabagh dam and was exploring alternative options to overcome the water crisis. If there is no consensus among the provinces over the Kalabagh dam, other measures must be taken to tackle water scarcity, he had said.
    chief Justice Saqib Nisar said ," we would wage a crusade against corruption and we would not let make education a business. He said that corruption and incompetency were a cancer for the society, He asked whether we would leave a corrupted future for our children.He urged upon the lawyers to vow to become a true Pakistani and they would safeguard the interest of Pakistan. Unfortunately we lagged behind from other countries like China, Malaysia and Korea which got independence after Pakistan. He said that Education and Health were necessary for the people of a country and it was a responsibility of the state. He asked whether we have provided education to our children .There is limited Puublic education. Owners of Kinder Garten schools are extorting Rs.33000 to 35000 per month. We would not let make the education a business.Government was responsible for  providing equal opportunities for uniform study.He said that Hydrant Mafia was fleecing the people and it was selling water-tanks against Rs.8000 to 12000 in Karachi .Now this mafia reached at Islamabad to fleece the consumers.Because there was no water reservoir to store the water. Upon a demand of attachment of Lodhran and Sahiwal districts with Multan Bench ,Chief Justice said that he would consult to Chief Justice Lahore High Court. He assured that lawyers would not be shifted to new judicial complex forcibly. and he was ready to take sou moto action to resolve this issue. Chief Justice assured to make Income Tax tribunal operational within three months in Multan.Earlier Chief Justice visited the Nishtar Hospital and Children Complex.Medical Superintendents of these two institutions briefed him.
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