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    Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    PTI will make seat adjustment with other political parties- Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    MULTAN-PTI Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that although his party is not going to make an electoral alliance with any party, it may go for seat adjustment in the upcoming election with Awami Muslim league, Awami Raj Party of Jamshed Khan Dasti and Pakistan Muslim League(functional) in sindh
    Talking to local journalists on Monday, he said that the party has made a principle decision that electoral alliance would not be made with any political party. "However, there is no harm in doing seat adjustments," he noted. He said that the PTI stands with Pakistan Awami Tehreek and fully supports it on Model Town tragedy. He said that the PTI also supported PML-Q when its workers were subjected to vindictive actions.
    He said that the PTI has formally launched its election campaign and its workers are fully prepared for going to the general elections. Qureshi asserted that the PTI leadership has presented before the masses its agenda for first 100 days in the government. "We've taken this agenda to the court of public. It's for the first time in country's political history that any political party has done this. No other political party ever presented such a detailed agenda for public welfare," the PTI stalwart claimed. He disclosed that the PTI consulted think tanks and experts for evolving the agenda and then pondered over it thoroughly before presenting it before the nation.
    He was of the opinion that the PTI is opposed by two conventional old political parties PML-N and PPP who do not have any agenda for people's welfare and development. He maintained that PPP's slogan 'roti, kapra aur makaan' had vanished as it got rule with the help of this slogan many times but failed to offer relief to the people. Similarly, Qureshi said, the PML-N doesn't have any agenda to present before the people. He claimed that the people had tried both the parties in the past and now they were no more in a mood to be befooled by them.
    He said that the PTI would kick off a new journey of progress and prosperity if the people voted for bat it in election. He reiterated that the PTI's first 100 days agenda would take the country to the path of development and PTI government would lift people's standard of life. He claimed that the country would not have to carry begging bowl in the world. "Instead, we'll strengthen country's economy we'll stand on our own feet." 
    Following severe criticism on its 100-day post-victory agenda, the PTI has decided to unveil a blueprint of its implementation plan in the next 15 days to make the reforms programme look realistic and practicable
    The move comes after the 100-day agenda was not only bitterly criticised by party’s political opponents but also by the media while the electorates too saw it with suspicion.
    It will be in the form of booklets encompassing details of how the plan will be implemented over a period of five years. For example, the document will explain how the 10 million jobs as promised by the PTI leadership will be created in different sectors during this period. Likewise, details will also be provided as to how the PTI (if voted to power) will build 5 million houses for the homeless.  
    PTI also plans to publish a comprehensive plan about revival of country’s economy with a set of reforms to be brought about in different sectors. 
    PTI’s 100-days’ action plan which seems more like an offshoot of its 11-point election manifesto (Announced on April 29) has been criticized and rejected by the political opponents as impracticable.
    Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah on Monday termed it a "non-starter" and an “election stunt” aimed at befooling the people. He also described it tantamount to pre-poll rigging, pledging to quit politics if the PTI implemented this plan in first 100 days.
    PML-N, a major challenger to the PTI in the coming elections, has also rejected the plan terming it a mere eye-wash.
    PTI’s central Information Secretary Fawad Ch told The Nation that blueprint of the action plan will be ready in the next fifteen days and open to criticism by the public at large. He termed the 100-days’ action plan a “governance agenda” to be implemented in five years.  According to him, the 11-point election manifesto earlier announced by the PTI chief Imran was an “administrative agenda”. He further informed this paper that PTI will also come up with its political and economic agenda in couple of weeks.

    Fawad believed that much of the criticism on PTI’s 100-days’ action plan would stop once the detailed implementation plan is out in two weeks time. He also clarified that in the first 100 days after coming into power, the PTI will take the initial concrete steps necessary to implement its programme during rest of its tenure.

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