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    Sunday, 27 May 2018

    Muslim Man Assaulted For Being Friends With Hindu Woman In UP's Kanpur

    A 24-year-old man was abused, threatened and assaulted in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur by a group of men who objected to his relationship with a woman from a different community. The attackers even shot the video of the assault in which they can be seen slapping the man after, in response to their query, he tells them that he has been talking to the woman for the last three years.

    The incident took place last Saturday and the video of the assault went viral yesterday.

    The man, who belongs to the Muslim community, had gone to a railway station to meet her on Friday. The attackers, who live in the same locality, followed him. In the two-minute video, the men are seen asking him about the woman, who is a Hindu, and the nature of their relationship. His response makes his attackers angry who slap him hard and continue the assault when a voice warns him that he "will have to pay for what he has done".

    "Tumhari zindagi agar barbaad nahin kar dee to ham apna naam badal denge (we will change our names if we failed to destroy you)," can be heard in the video.

    Another voice suggests that they should move to a less-crowded place, at which point the video ends.

    The man told NDTV that his attckers claimed to be members of Right-wing organisations. He said that he is good friends with the woman and had gone to the railway station to meet her after a long time.

    Police says they have formed teams to arrest the men seen attacking in the video.

    The video surfaced just a day after another a Sikh police officer saved a Muslim man from a mob in Uttarakhand.On Tuesday, the officer, Gagandeep Singh, had responded to alerts about trouble in an area near a prominent temple in Ramnagar, where a group was attacking a Muslim man seen with his Hindu girlfriend.

    The photograph that went viral showed him shielding the man from an angry crowd

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