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    Friday, 27 April 2018

    IDC is a provincial matter,however,it will be resolved at FBR level- Ambreen Tarar assured

    MULTAN, April 27th: Model Customs Collectorate Multan's collector Ambreen Ahmed Tarar admitted that infra-structure development cess (IDC) was a genuine problem for the importers of Punjab  which caused the extra expenses. but it was a provincial matter However we would try our utmost to resolve this issue at FBR level. She dispelled this impression that Customs staff at Karachi port impose concessional duty while Multan customs charge ruthlessly. Addressing the member of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) chaired by Malik Asrar Ahmed Awan,its president.She told that Punjab Government had levied Infra-structure Development Cess (IDC) in 2015 on temporary basis but this is continued for the last three years. She said that Sadiqabad Dryport Terminal should be operational as early as possible .It was our eternal desire.However,Now the ball is in the court of trustees ,they have to provide this facility eqipped with modern system. President of Multan Chamber Malik Asrar Ahmed Awan has urged to withdraw 0.9 percent infrastructure cess in Punjab, as already the dry ports business has registered a drop of 90 percent due to 1.1 percent cess by the Sindh government. He said clearance of imported consignments has been shifted to Karachi port because of 0.9 percent cess, resultantly bringing the revenue down in the province. Further, he added, a large number of clearing/forwarding agents have become unemployed due to the fact.He  said the Punjab and Sindh governments have imposed 16 percent and 13 percent sales tax on heavy vehicles respectively. Only the transporters operating on the ports are bound to pay this tax while the individuals are exempted from the same. This discrimination has added fuel to the fire and business relating to the dry ports has come to halt.Further, he said, an absence of LCL module in the WeBOC system at the upcountry dry ports adding troubles to the exporters. They are avoiding dry ports for DTRE and temporary imports, he added. He said a ban on the facility of port hopping in the WeBOC system was causing delay in transmission of exports besides multiplying the import expenditures. Error in the Customs software cannot be corrected and a minor glitch leads to restart the clearing process that adds to the cost and wastage of time.“In the Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) system, it is extremely difficult to rectify even a simple typographic error,” said MCCI President . “A number of times issues regarding WeBOC were conveyed and discussed with departments concerned but nobody cared or took notice.”Khawaja Muhammad Farooq said the up-country dry port has contributed a lot towards the national exchequer and played a vital role in development of exports but there is lethargy in resolution of problems by concerned departments. “Similarly, licences of bonded carriers are suspended every month, which halt the export and import processes and cause the missing of vessels and financial loss,” he added.  After the imposition of infrastructure development cess, businessmen were getting their consignments cleared in other provinces in order to avoid the tax. “This is not only hurting businesses of clearing agents and transportation companies that provide employment to thousands of people, but will also cause huge damage to the provincial kitty.”He said a help desk should be established   immediately to facilitate exports and imports  to rectify errors round the clock in the WoBOC system, hence paving way for the smooth clearance of consignments.

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