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    Friday, 23 March 2018

    Javed Hashmi claims plans to impose 'judicial martial law' underway

    MULTAN: Veteran politician Javed Hashmi has said Sheikh Rashid in his Wednesday’s press conference has just confirmed what he has been saying since 2014 sit-in about a plan to impose “judicial martial law” in the country.
    Talking to the media here today, Hashmi said as per his earlier warnings a “judicial martial law” was under way and it was nothing new. He said the judiciary had never been independent in the country. He said Sheikh Rashid never did his own politics and had always taken directions from “others”.He said Senate polls had exposed everyone. “The majority was converted into minority. Horse-trading was resorted to and the one who was having 30 votes got 45 votes,” he said, demanding the Supreme Court should probe the Senate poll. He said the next general elections should be held on time.Senior politician  Javed Hashmi said the whole world has agreed on this point that only civilians would rule the country but in Pakistan constitution is violated through controlled judiciary that is disastrous to the country.  Makhdoom Javed Hashmi appealed the entire political leadership unanimously foil all efforts in the postponement of next general elections. He warned if the general elections are not held this year, than they would not be held in the next 40 years. This is the time to demonstrate unity among political leadership instead opposing each other.
    He said PTI chairman Khan’s plan has been revised through demand of judicial activism and judicial martial law and the entire political leadership must think about future threats to rule of law, constitution and democracy. The political leadership should be unanimous for strengthening democracy and protection of constitution.
    Responding to a query, he said that he would perform his political in his capacity to aware political leadership on thereats to democracy. He said that he had alone resigned from PML-N and PTI president ships and National Seemly slot and no politicians had sacrificed like him but he would continue his role to save the democracy.    
    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said he said that things were happening according to his forecasts, which he made in the past. Now, people were formally talking about judicial martial law and demanding for its imposition. He said there was difference between Imran Khan or Sheikh Rashid. He said the judicial martial law has already been imposed in the country that would destroy isntittutions.
    He said no judge can give interview but Chief Justice of Pakistan delivering interviews without any check. He Pakistan’s history witnesses that CJPs inducted from Punjab always ready to obey orders. He said judges, Generals and bureaucrats were prime obstacle in smooth working of the system.
    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said that PPP has major responsibility in present situation and foil all plans to postpone the next general elections. He said army does not want to indulge into politics in capacity of institution but some Generals wish to run the affairs on their desired lines but they would not run the country.
    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said this narrative should be changed that only Pakistan army is patriotic and all others are plunderers. He said no body is a great patriot than him.
    “We are patriot and deeply committed with Pakistan without receiving any salary. Do not doubt my loyalty with the country. I am patriot bigger than others who are patriot due to receiving salaries and enjoying benefits”
    Referring Dhaka fall, he said you had formed a government in East Pakistan by force and it was repeated recently in Baluchistan. When you snatch right of rule from people than things would not be happen accordingly.
    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said army did not create Pakistan but the institution had broken the country into Bangla Desh.
    He warned do not indulge into politics, otherwise, the country would be destroyed. Please create a room in your heart to save the country, instead hungry for power and ruling the country.  He said that he would not allow postponement of elections until his death and continue fighting for democracy.
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