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    Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Nawaz Sharif must step down and nominate Ahsan iqbal,Ni sar Ali Khan or Khawaja Asif for this slot

    MULTAN, July 12th: Veteran politician and former Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi while speaking to an unexpected press conference on Wednesday said that this could be the last press conference of his political career. However,he clarified that it may be his last press conference in prevailing political situation.Javed Hashmi suggested that Mian Nawaz Sharif should step down in the larger national interest and he should nominate Khawaja Asif ,Ahsan Iqbal or Ch.Nisar Ali Khan for this slot.He said that everyone should be accountable for his deeds whether he is a judge or politician or a General.Hashmi said that we would not let anyone to dismember the country and to snatch the "Saiban"of 200 million people. Hashmi, who has also been a member of the PML-N, said, "I don't believe that Nawaz Sharif should not be held accountable. I am the first person to say that accountability should exist. But why just Nawaz Sharif?"
    He alleged that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan had said that after former CJP Tasadduq Hussain Jilani's tenure would end, the incoming CJP would "break the government and Parliament".
    "Rigging was the issue earlier, but now it is Panamagate since Imran had to create some form of ruckus. He wanted to topple the government in three months. I told him you cannot do this," he added.
    Pointing out the army's "lack of accountability", Hashmi said that although politicians are constantly held accountable but the same does not apply to the military. He said that supreme judicial council should take notice of judges remarks.They have no right to call the democratic Government as ''sicilian gang or God father. He claimed that he had forecast in his book some 17 years before that Russian, China and Pakistan will come to closer each other.and India will also be forced to join them. Now Asif Zardari is claiming that he was a founder CPEC, Mian Nawaz Sharif is calling himself champion of this project.At what could be the “last press conference of his political career”, veteran politician Javed Hashmi claimed on Wednesday that he was aware of a conspiracy being hatched to remove the prime minister.
    He maintained that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan had told him that the prime minister would be removed during the tenure the current chief justice of Pakistan.
    “When I told him that this would be tantamount to martial law, Imran said it won’t be like that because the Supreme Court would be executing it,” Hashmi maintained.
    The senior politician also expressed his reservations over the lack of accountability of judges and army.
    “I don’t say that there shouldn’t be accountability. In fact, I’m the first one who raised this issue. But my question is why just Nawaz Sharif?” he told reporters in Multan.
    Pointing out that he had spent 50 years in politics, Hashmi maintained that this could be the last press conference of political career.
    “Why aren’t judges held accountable?  The politicians are regularly criticised and accused of corruption. But why doesn’t the same accountability apply to the military?”
    The politician, who has remained associated with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the PTI alleged that there had never been any accountability when it comes to the powerful military.
    “Where is Raheel Sharif and Pervez Musharaf? Can anyone punish the retired general?” Hashmi asked.
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