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    Monday, 26 June 2017

    Mother of 'sexual terrorist' drug dealer's 28th child arrested

    A mother who had the 28th child of a notorious drug-dealer taken off her at birth has been jailed for defying the probation service's attempts to get her to go straight.
    Crack-cocaine dealer Jennifer Dunn, 33, was spared from prison when her boyfriend Tony Henderson, 53, was jailed for 12 years last July.
    Henderson was caught red-handed with 18 wraps of crack cocaine, two wraps of amphetamine and six mobile phones when police raided their home in Withernsea, East Yorkshire.
    Henderson claimed to be jobless, dependent on benefits unfit for work - but was running two couriers while he raked in cash in Withernsea boasting of 27 kids with Jennifer Dunn expecting his 28th child. 
    Jennifer Dunn had pleaded guilty to two charge of possession of heroin and amphetamine on the second day of trial.
    She had earlier pleaded guilty to two charge of dealing in crack cocaine and heroin but was sentenced to two years in jail suspended for two years after claiming she was only dealing while she was with him.
    But Dunn, who had Henderson's child removed from her care at birth, failed to attend three appointments out of 25 days of rehabilitation ordered to her. She also did not tell staff she had moved out of the drug den in Southcliffe Road, Withernsea.
    Initially she had stood by Henderson, sending him money into prison, but then did not make visits. 
    In her latest appearance at Hull Crown Court on Friday Dunn admitted breaching probation requirements.Crown barrister Dale Brook said the probation service had tried to get Dunn to co-operate on at least two occasions, but she had not told them of her house move.
    Defence barrister Charlotte Baines said: 'Something clearly has gone terribly awry with her compliance with this order.'
    Jailing Dunn for 15 months, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, said: 'I made it plain to you during the course of my sentencing remarks that a level of mercy was being extended to you because you were embroiled with a dreadful individual called Henderson.
    'He was a thoroughly malign individual who richly deserved the very long sentence I imposed upon him. It was clear to me that you were in a difficult situation at the time.

    Subsequent to that first breach your life has utterly disintegrated. I regret to say that you have descended even further into a wretched existence.
    'You look, I am sorry to say, very much worse than you did before you descended into a wretched existence.
    'I am very sorry about that. You may not be entirely the author of your own misfortune.I
    have every suspicion you have descended into the mire of drug abuse again.'
    The case hit the headlines last year when Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC was left gob smacked when Henderson was asked in court how many children he had to call on his mobile phone. 
    Henderson replied 27. The judge interrupted proceedings to ask for clarification - it was what he had said. He said: 'You have 27 phones? Henderson replied: 'No, I have 27 children your honour.'
    Asked to explain how he paid for his lifestyle - he said he lived off benefits. Henderson said: 'I do the odd gardening job. Cutting the grass I have blackout and seizures. 
    'I can't operate machinery I weed gardens. I say give me a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich and they give me £5 and say I'll be offended if you don't take it.'
    Henderson who has a record of 53 previous convictions, protested his innocence in a three-day trial at Hull Crown Court saying the drugs were been drip fed to his girlfriend as she tried to turn her back on prostitution. 
    It comes after one of his traumatised ex-partners Keeley Robinson accused 'evil' Henderson of being a 'sexual terrorist' who prevented her from eating, beating her up and threatening to kill her unborn baby. 

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