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    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    London Mayor is confronted by a young boy-'How many children died, Mr.Khan

    The Mayor of London faced furious crowds today as frustrated residents demanded answers about the tragic deaths in Grenfell Tower.
    Sadiq Khan was confronted by up to 300 people outside Notting Hill Methodist Church in West London when visiting the scene of the inferno.
    Mr Khan was even heckled by a seven-year-old boy who asked: 'How many children have died?'
    In dramatic scenes captured on Sky News, Kai Ramos, who was sat on a relative's shoulders, added: 'What are you going to do about it?'
    The Mayor replied: 'The bad news is I'm afraid, lots of people died in this fire, there were very brave firefighters and police and ambulance workers.
    'They are going through the building now, that's why it takes time you see. I know it's very sad because you might have a friend in there.'
    Grenfell Tower residents, who faced another two high-profile visits from Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today, had been raising their concerns about the building for years and are now desperate for answers.
    Furious residents even warned of rioting on the streets in retaliation for the lives lost in the Grenfell Tower disaster. 
    Kai, who was with his mother Jade, also asked: 'What are you going to do with people's life? They lost their home.'
    Mr Khan answered: 'We need to know they have somewhere to live.'
    Afterwards, Kai was asked whether he was satisfied with Mr Khan's answers, to which he said: 'I didn't hear them.'

    Mr Khan was repeatedly interrupted as he tried to answer the concerns of local residents.
    He began the press conference by saying: 'Understandably, residents are very angry and concerned and have genuine questions that demand answers,' before a resident interjected: 'Someone needs to be held accountable. These deaths could have been prevented.'
    When discussing the need for a thorough investigation one resident chimed saying: 'Now. Not a year from now, not two years from now. We need it now.'

    Mr Khan was also allegedly bottled by a protester today as the crowd gathered to confront him when he visited the Grenfell Tower fire scene.
    A bottle is believed to have been thrown towards Mr Khan, who was said to be inside the church as 20 police officers rushed outside to calm the situation.
    Photographs showed a man being led away by officers as Metropolitan Police reinforcements headed in, and the atmosphere was said to be 'very tense'.
    The man - who has not yet been identified - was allegedly chased by a number of officers, wrestled to the ground and arrested before being taken away.
    Mr Khan had been meeting members of the local community at a community centre and was then heckled by children and adults as he spoke to the public live on TV. 

    Furious residents have warned of rioting on the streets in retaliation for the lives lost in the Grenfell Tower disaster.

    Hundreds of people are thought to have perished in the devastating blaze that
    Yasmine Miah and Zainabsal Man, both 18, have been desperately searching for news of their friend Yassin el - Nehabi who lived on the 24th floor.
    'We heard he was dead then a family member said he was in a coma. We don't know anything more.'
    The girls, who both live nearby, believe that violence could soon erupt on the streets.
    Miss Man said: 'Yeah I think there will be a riot. We care about everyone else here so when our families and friends are hurt we're going to be here for them.
    'People are giving everything they have for those who need it.
    'So do you think we're not going to stand up for them?' 
    Miss Miah said the Grenfell blaze would not have happened in an affluent area and that Mrs May has not done enough to visit those affected.
    She said: 'Theresa May doesn't have one compassionate bone in her body.
    'If it wasn't in this area, they would have made a whole bigger deal of it, they would have police doing the jobs were doing right now. '
    The feeling of frustration and sadness hangs in the air in the streets around Grenfell with many locals still trying to come to terms with what happened.
    Nana Owusu, 28, lives in the block just across from the tower and watched the traumatic ordeal unfold.
    He said: 'The whole sky was orange. I've never seen anything like it.
    'I saw two kids on their own just screaming, helpless. It was so sad.'
    Mr Owusu said the community felt abandoned by the government.
    He said: 'The feeling I'm getting is they've been left to themselves. Like, let them get on with it.
    'It's the community helping the community, their providing their public services.'
    He added: 'It's volunteers helping the community. 'There's no help from the government. If this was Devon we'd see the armed forces on the street and Theresa May.
    'We've been left to help ourselves
    If there was somewhere else we'd see armed forces on the streets - but it's been left to 14-year-old boys.'
    Furious residents also vented their anger on a memorial to the victims with one person writing, 'the council let us down, the community raised us up' and 'London will stand together to achieve justice. We will not forget'.
    Although many have come together to support each other, tensions have been rising with the council and building manager criticised.
    Sabu Hussain, who helped decorate the memorial, said it should be made into a permanent mural so the victims of the blaze will never be forgotten.
    The student, who lives in the area, said: 'The victims deserve more. It's a memorial and it should be the best ot can possibly be.
    'Some have been positive and some have been negative. People want to know how people in 2017, with the equipment and money that exists, could not stop this fire?
    'Was the building properly tested? Were the lifts working? Why are elderly people at the top of a tower block?
    'Someone has to be held to account. I don't understand how a minor fire can spread into something so horrific.'
    Julian Allen, 66, wrote 'Don't let it ever happen again' on the wall.
    Mr Allen, who has a background in restoring buildings and used to live in the area, said: 'There's something very dodgy about the plastic cladding.
    'We cannot wait for an inquiry, we have to start a legal process investigating this disaster today.
    'If we wait around it could take years to get an answer and by then two or three more tower blocks may go up in flames.
    'It may not ease the pain that these people have gone through but at least they will see people are trying to get something done about it.' 
    Earlier Mr Khan said: 'Many are grieving and are heartbroken, but also people are frustrated because for years and years they have been expressing their concern, for the last few months more so, and they are justifiably angry, and I share their anger. 
    'That's why yesterday I said to government ministers that they need to make sure checks are done now to make sure tower blocks are safe. But also we need to make sure that the public inquiry doesn't report in two, three years time. 
    'We can't afford for that to happen, so what I've said is there will be an interim response this summer to make sure these questions are answered.'
    Mr Khan was also said to have been heckled by protesters who felt he has not been supportive of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 
    Theresa May has ordered a full public inquiry into the fire as emergency services raised the death toll to 17 - with further bodies expected to be found in the flats.

    Her demand for the 'terrible tragedy' to be 'properly investigated' echoed calls from London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Mr Corbyn for answers.

    Mr Khan said the 'full scale of the tragedy is becoming clear and there are pressing questions, which demand urgent answers'.
    The Mayor added: 'That is why I am demanding a full, independent public inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower.
    'In light of concerns about the safety of other tower blocks that have been similarly refurbished, the inquiry needs to produce an interim report by the end of this summer at the latest.' 
    The blaze left residents in the 24-storey tower block fleeing for their lives. Mr Corbyn, during a visit to the scene, said the 'truth has got to come out and it will'. 

    Channel 4's Jon Snow faced angry crowds today as he presented his broadcast from the scene at Grenfell Tower.  
    Snow said to one woman: 'There's a great deal of anger around here. Is that because you feel absolutely neglected?'
    The female resident replied: 'People had to stand there and watch friends and family die.'
    Another angry man shouted: 'Why? Why? Why didn't they come here before?' to which Snow replied: 'We're here now.'

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