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    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    Bilawal Terms Present Govt Enemy of Poor, Peasants

    MULTAN, June 8th: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto termed the Nawaz Sharif government foe of peasants and poor and cited the increase of  10 per cent in salaries a joke.
    Addressing to party workers in Multan, Bilawal Bhutto said that Nawaz government has proved its poor and farmers’ enemy after increase only 10 per cent in salaries.
    ” The 10 percent increase in salaries a joke in such a price hike as rulers spend their lives as monarchy style,” he said adding that N league government has always weakened the federation during its tenure.Commenting over the load shedding, Bilawal said the claims of historic generation of electricity could only witness in advertisements but nothing on grounds.
    Lashing out over governments so-called development on CPEC he said that CPEC was echoed in entire world but Gwader being deprived off drinking water and electricity.
    Bilawal said Punjab government has fully ignored Southern Punjab and the development work was done only in former PM Gillani tenure.
    “Punjab government has earmarked 93 million for only Orange train project while Rs 100 million allocated for entire Southern Punjab, it is discrimination,” he said..
    Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said his party will support constitutional institutions in case of a confrontation with the government.
    There will be stiff resistance against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), and strong support for institutions in the event of conflict, Bilawal said here Thursday.
    His remarks came in the wake of PML-N leader Nehal Hashmi’s controversial statements against the judiciary and JIT investigating PM Nawaz Sharif and his family over his offshore investments.
    Hashmi’s threatening speech at an event in Karachi on May 28 drew instant reaction from the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar taking suo motu notice and summoning the PML-N leader to appear in person before the implementation bench supervising the work of the Panamagate JIT.
    “You are on duty today. Remember, you will be retiring tomorrow. We will make your life and [those of] your family members miserable in Pakistan,” Hashmi was seen telling an audience invisible in the short video clip.
    “Our leadership suffered judicial murders and we took bodies but we never indulged in confrontation with institutions,” the PPP leader claimed. “We sacrificed our elected prime ministers and governments and still accepted decisions of the institutions.”
    He cautioned the prime minister and his party that the PPP will not tolerate any attack on institutions to save the latter from accountability. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said the PML-N government was pursuing anti-masses policies, saying the prolonged loadshedding had shut down industrial units leaving millions of workers jobless.

    Addressing a gathering of newly elected office bearers of PPP South Punjab, he said not only Sindh and KP but also Punjab was facing 20-hour loadshedding. “The government claims to have generated over 19,000MW electricity. Where has this electricity gone? Loadshedding has exceeded 20 hours and the entire country has plunged into darkness,” he lamented. He asserted the closure of industrial units had forced the masses to come on the roads for protest. He remarked the progress claimed by Nawaz Sharif was limited to just advertisements, adding they could not befool the masses any more. “The people have seen your true face. It’s not a government but a curse that has made the life of every individual difficult,” he maintained. He said all the provinces, including the Punjab, had been ruined by the Raiwind people. He asserted the rulers had no interest in running the government but in their private businesses because they had sugar, poultry, milk and other businesses. He claimed the reason behind privatisation of precious national institutions at throwaway prices was also part of the rulers’ personal businesses and they were giving away these institutions to their blue-eyed persons.

    “They feel insulted if the JIT summons them for investigation into charges of looting wealth, but they threat the institutions, abuse and attack them,” he added.

    The PPP chairman asked the workers to prepare for the elections, adding he would come to Multan as soon as the weather improved and see who could prevent him from holding a public meeting. He claimed the Multan public meeting would be historic and the PPP would defeat the anti-people forces. He said the South Punjab chapter of the party had announced a public meeting in the past, but the government and district administration did not give permission under the pretext of security. He held PPP was the only party that could serve the people in a true sense. He announced PPP would be reorganised at union-council level and achieve a big success in the general elections.

    He said the policies of PML-N had harmed the federation and increased unemployment while, on the other hand, PPP had given jobs to the people. He claimed PML-N did not give any relief to the people in federal or provincial budgets, business was completely ruined in KP and Sindh due to loadshedding and millions of powerloom workers had to face hunger and joblessness.

    Contrary to the government claims, the people were forced to have Sehri and Iftar in darkness due to loadshedding, he said and added South Punjab was also facing the worst loadshedding with the duration of power outages for more than 20 hours.

    He stated major difference between PPP and PML-N was that the former had given jobs to the people while the latter had made them jobless. He pointed out the residents of Gwadar did not have even clean drinking water while the budget was presented without any NFC award which was an unlawful act. He asked the members of national and provincial assemblies from undeveloped areas to state how much money the federal and the Punjab governments had allocated for the development of their areas.

    Speaking on this occasion, former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani said Bilawal Bhutto had come out and now PPP would win Punjab too.

    PPP South Punjab President Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood said Bilawal Bhutto would go to each division, district and tehsil as he had launched a mass-contact drive.
    On the occasion two former members provincial assembly Abbas Ran, Arshad Ran and three PTI’s former leaders announced joining PPP. The dissident PTI leaders were supposed to be the important figures in PTI and close aides of Shah Mehmood Quereshi.PPP leader Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and Makhdum Ahmed Mehmood were also present on the occasion
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